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The Easiest Ways to Sell Baby Products and Electronics

We all love our Kijiji and Craigslist, but sometimes these generic marketplaces don’t quite cut it for niche items like baby toys or iPhones. Here are two nifty websites that offer a better buying and selling experience for parents and geeks.


Kiinzel, the parent marketplace, aims to serve as a classifieds portal where parents across the GTA can buy or sell new and/or gently used children’s products with people in their neighbourhood. Creating a posting is simpler than making a Kijiji post. Once logged in, create a posting with your title, description, price, location and optional photo. Other parents can then view your posting easily reply through the website. Kiinzel also lets users share posts with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Whether you’re looking for baby clothes, a baby monitor or a stroller, Kiinzel can help you find it.


Swappa is a website that allows visitors to buy and sell smartphones and tablets.Creating a posting is easy, and can be viewed by anyone across the globe. You can catageorize your device by carreir, brand and model. If you have an old iPhone, iPad or iPod in a drawer collecting dust, simply create a listing on Swappa and make some cash. You can buy and sell with confidence with a buyer/seller rating system similar to eBay. There are no seller fees, and no faulty devices. Considering it is a international market place, buyers/sellers are responsible for shipping fees, however the community is very friendly and also any seller is willing to make special arrangements for a serious seller. Swappa also features a free ENS/IMEI/MEID checker that let’s you know if your device or the one you plan on buying is on a blacklist.

Did these applications help you? Let us know what you plan on buying or selling in the comment section below.

2000 Years of Storage


With shows like Storage Wars, storage can seem like a modern invention. But not so! Over 2000 years ago, ancient China already had a storage solution.  Pottery vases were dug underground letting families put money, jewelry and other precious items away for safe keeping. The down fall of this ancient storage system was that anybody that could dig a hole had access to your belongings.

The first modern storage facility, Lauderdale Storage, was founded in 1958 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was the first storage solution of its kind that offered exclusive access to the facility for tenants only.

The Self Storage Association was formed in 1975 and since then has served as the official trade organization of the self-storage industry all over the globe. They represent more than 5,000 companies, and operate and/or manage roughly 24,000 self storage facilities.

The self storage industry began slow growth throughout the 90s and at some point during the decade the demand surpassed the supply. From 2000 - 2005 3,000 new storage facilities were being built every year.

By 2009 the U.S was home to 58,000 storage units. Each year the facilities got more advanced, with the addition of more sophisticated security systems, larger spaces and round the clock access. Some high-tech storage facilities use biometric thumb print or hand scanners for verification. In 2010 reality television shows ‘Storage Wars’ and ‘Auction Wars’ debuted reminding people that self-storage solutions are out there.

In 2013, Boxit was born to provide you with the most convenient storage experience possible. Give it a spin today at

5 Must Have Apps for Urbanites

1. Zipcar

Zipcar is changing the way people think about car rental. It’s perfect for those that take the transit, but sometimes require a vehicle for convenience or to accommodate large items. It’s also great for the environment as each zip car keeps 15 vehicles off the road. The Zipcar app makes using Zipcar an easy task wherever you are. You can locate Zipcars nearby, place or extend a reservation, or report any damage. The application even acts like a remote and provides the functionality to lock or unlock doors, and honk the horn!

Zipcar on Android , Zipcar on iOS 


2. Transit App

When you’re not using a zip car, this extremely useful application will come in handy. The easy-to-use interface allows you to find transit in real-time wherever you are located. Frequent traveler? The Transit App works across North America and Europe. 

Transit App on AndroidTransit App on iOS 

3. Food Network in the Kitchen

Everybody enjoys a gourmet meal. With the new Food Network in the Kitchen app you don’t need to spend big bucks to eat like a king. The application is more of a cookbook as it features thousands of recipes from award-winning chefs such as Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, and Bobby Flay. You can add your own recipe box and keep track of your ingredients with the shopping list. The application even features a unit converter, and multiple cooking timers to keep you on track. You better start storing your cookbooks with Boxit, because you won’t need them too often any more!

Food Network in the Kitchen on AndroidFood Network in the Kitchen on iOS 

4. Houzz

Houzz is an renowned website that showcases excellence in design to provide its reader with inspiration for their own remodeling ideas. With the new Houzz app,  users can browse over 2 million images of interior and exterior design categorized by style, room and location and save them for later in their own personal Houzz ideabook.

Houzz on AndroidHouzz on iOS 

5. Homestyler Interior Designer

Another treat for those with a creative flair. Ever wonder if that new couch is going to match your curtains? The Homestyler Interior Design app lets you take a snapshot of any room that needs a makeover. You can then place high quality 3D renderings of real furniture such as light fixtures, tables, couches and branded rugs as you visualize your ideal room. Homestyler Interior Design even lets you share designs on Facebook and browse the portfolios of professional designers in your area. Got too much stuff for that minimalist look you’re going for? Give Boxit a call and we can store your clutter while you figure it out. 

Homestyler Interior Design on AndroidHomestyler Interior Design iOS 

How to Organize Your Closet

1. Why are you organizing your closet?

Organizing your closet will help you feel much more organized. Being able to find things will make your life easier, and your mornings less complicated. When its easy to find what you are looking for, it helps your mind focus on the things that are important to you.

2. What do you wear the most?

We tend to wear certain parts of our wardrobe more than others. Keep the pieces you use the most often in easy to access places will save you time and energy. Here are three important aspects to consider when divvying up closet real estate:

  1. Move most-worn clothing items to the front of your closet, preferably at eye-level;

  2. Choosing the right hangers;

  3. Store out-of-season clothing either in a storage space (Boxit), or higher up in your closet so it’s out of the way.

These three things will save you from looking for your favorite sweater and making it easier to get out the door and on with your life.

3. What are you going to do with shoes and accessories?

Clothes are easy to manage, they tend to follow pretty uniform storage patterns. Either folded, hung or tossed in a drawer. Shoes and accessories can often lead to a lot of clutter when we aren’t sure where to put them. Since there are a number of sizes and shape in any shoe or accessory category.

Getting a rack with different height shelves would definitely be a start. For accessories depending on the type boxes work great for jewelry and there a number of options to store ties neckwear.

4. Have you heard of consignment?

Consignment is the easiest way to get some of the money you invested on great pieces of clothing back once they are no longer a relevant part of your wardrobe. Its much easier than you might think, simply drop the goods off at a store that sells consignment items and receive a share of the profits when it is sold.

5. Are you going to make a regular effort?

Organizing your closet is a futile endeavour unless you intend to keep it that way. Developing systems and spaces that allow you to easily follow a pattern that allows you to maintain the serene space you’ve worked so hard to organize.

6. What organizational tools do you need?

Organizational tools are a great way to keep things organized. They won’t help you if you’ve never taken the time to de clutter your space.

Keep in mind that you will need to measure the space that they are filling to make sure that they are the right solution for your closet. Otherwise they may just become obstacles rather than facilitators.

7. Who can you donate the things you don’t want to?

Throw it out. If you have something that you don’t use, that you don’t think you’ll ever use… just get rid of it. There are a number of places you can donate to. Find one that is the easiest for you and let someone else enjoy that sweater that no longer fits or the dress shirt you never wear.

What’s in Gracie Carroll’s Box

Fashion blogger Gracie Carroll recently became a customer and talked about the process and how it helped her when downsizing into her first home. You can check the post out here!

Some of our favourite parts…

We like her friends:

"Rather serendipitously, a friend reached out to me just as I was beginning to have a lack-of-storage-induced panic attack to introduce me to a new Toronto-based company called Boxit.”

and she thinks we are friendly!

"Not only is this service great for people who are downsizing, but Boxit offers ease of use (all deliveries and logistics are taken care of), security of service (boxes are sealed and secure, and stored in a safe and trusted location as well as a great and friendly staff."

Boxit takes 2013 CCI Condo Conference by Storm - Announcing Condo Affiliate Program

Over the November 15th weekend we attended the 2013 Condo Conference put on by CCI. Their theme, “The Future is Now” couldn’t have been more relevant to us. Over the course of two days we developed contacts with all of the major condominium corporations and property managers throughout the GTA and beyond. 

Many of the other exhibitors noticed that it was our first time at the event, and those who didn’t, could probably tell from our enthusiasm that we were there to make an impact. 

Over the course of 2 days we managed to build out prospective partnerships with Condominiums and are now in the process and finalizing the details with a number of leading Condos who were early adopters of our Condominium Affiliate Program. 

Our affiliate program allows Condominium Boards to offer Boxit to their residents at a discounted price. We donate a portion of the proceeds from that Condo to their Condominium Board. These funds can be use to invest in additional amenities for their residents. In other words, by joining the program Condo residents would not only get a discount on our service, but also be contributing to their annual budget for new services or amenities in their building. If you are interested in joining the program please email to discuss the details.

Boxit in the News - BlogTO, Notable, & TorontoIsAwesome

This month we received a ton of new attention from local and online media outlets and are very proud of what they had to say! called Boxit “a valuable service that’s an absolute gem for urban living.”

Blogto said “If you’re one of a growing number of people who has sacrificed space for the convenience of living in a shoebox-sized condo in the heart of downtown, this startup might just change your life.”

TorontoIsAwesome said we are changing “the way people store important items.”

We are extremely thankful for the amazing response we’ve had for Boxit so far. If you haven’t already seen our special offer for the month of November lock in the deal for later by signing up on our special offer page.

6 Amazing Organized Spaces

5 Ways to Be More Productive

The topic of increasing productivity for most is one of hopelessness and failure. Most have the mentality “what can I do to be more productive”. However, being a high risk demographic, a university student such as myself has not only seen the depths of procrastination, but enlightenment of the antidote. In addition to the “what can I do” perspective, one must restructure their views to include “what shouldn’t I do to be more productive”.

1. Social Media

When typing in a URL, do your fingers gravitate towards the F key, for Facebook? Yes, this one is obvious, but oh how time consuming it is. Having social media websites open is the fast track to having that somewhat irritating person (who always messages you the moment you log on) spark a conversation. What can you do about it? Don’t go on it. Easier said then done but whenever habits get the better of you, try hitting ‘Command W’ as fast as you can…

2. Leaving the Room 

The need to satisfy that snack or coffee craving heralds the needless sacrifice of at least twenty minutes of your time. You start thinking, “I’ll start this as soon as I get …” Never leave the room, or else your train of thought derails. Bring whatever snacks you want with you, but for the Love of God stay in the room.

3. Lyrical Music

Concentrating is hard enough as it is, but focusing when someone is talking in both ears is a losing battle. Yes, this is more so a home issue, but music with lyrics always distracts. Just try finding some piece of classical music, or jazz, or chillstep (yes I said chillstep, now try it…) that you can put on repeat while you work away. Hint: on your YouTube URL, replace ‘youtube’ with ‘listenonrepeat’.

4. The 60-Min Nap: Here is another time waster that pertains to working at home and rather than the office (at least I would hope so!). That ‘half-hour’ nap is never just ‘half-hour’. You wake up after thirty minutes and convince yourself that another ten minutes won’t hurt anyone. All of a sudden the sun is rising again and it is breakfast… Don’t do it unless you set at least two or three alarms and set them on opposite sides of the room! Personal secret: is a huge help. An hour long nap is a fallacy. Either sleep for a full cycle (1.5 hours) or keep it to a power nap 20 minutes or less. 

5. Avoid Distracting Individuals

You know your family members, or office friends are going to walk by and ask you for something. As much as you want to roll your eyes and tell them you don’t have the time, you know you can’t. So you smile and say “sure” while you die-a-little inside. Dodge this problem by doing as much work as possible in secluded areas.

Take it from a recovering procrastinator: adopting the “what shouldn’t I do” mentality statistically cuts your procrastination by 50%. And if it doesn’t? Well, at least I know you will never get around to suing me…

3 Advantages for Businesses Who Boxit

1. Reclaim Space

Take back usable space that was previously used to keep files and folders from past projects. You can’t throw them out but you also don’t need to keep them around. Boxit makes it easy to put a project behind you while keeping it available for future reference should you need it.

2. Cut Down on Travel Time

Have tools delivered to different worksites. Save costly time in transit for employees transporting tools by keeping them in a central location that delivers anywhere in the GTA. Just show up to a job and we will bring you the you need cutting down on time in transit when you can just go straight to the site.

3. Make Remote Work Easier

Share items between employees who work remotely. Businesses continue to downsize their physical office space in order to reduce overhead and let employees skip the commute. This can be difficult when shared resources are a necessity for some workplaces. Keep resources with Boxit and employees can request them and receive them all without leaving their preferred workspace.